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Upcoming Classes & Workshops

Expand your talents and explore new fields with the wide array of classes offered by Gilmer Arts. Come paint just for the fun of it with our Sip N Stroke gatherings, or gain more experience in watercolor, pastels or oils with ongoing classes at both beginner and more advanced levels. Interested in music?

We have individual and class lessons in piano, guitar, flute, clarinet, horn, violin, voice and dulcimer. Or if you’re simply interested in relaxing your mind and body, try one of our ongoing yoga classes. And during the summer we have classes for the kids.  Check the listings often as we regularly add new classes.

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Share your knowledge by teaching a class or workshop at Gilmer Arts. Whether you are a seasoned professional educator, or a first time teacher we make it easy for you to share your knowledge. We provide guidance, marketing and the facilities you need to teach a class or give lessons. Call us today to reserve your spot and get more information on teaching a class.

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