Blues Afternoon By Marti Trimble – Framed Watercolor

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Blues Afternoon By Marti Trimble – Framed Watercolor – Estimated Value – $325 – Watercolor 8×10
framed 17×20

Marti Trimble – Artist Bio:

 Since my formative years were spent living in multiple countries, Germany and Japan, and as an adult visiting many more, I’ve experienced the wide diversity of cultures and discovered their history and their arts.  Being immersed in something foreign compared to what I considered my normal daily life presented challenges to all of my senses.  I believe it’s the awakening of these senses and the need to express my experiences that led me to pursue painting and sculpture. 

 Through art, I create the composition, decide the point of view, select the colors, and paint the values.  I’m delighted that the choices are all mine.  The right combination expresses my emotional story and hopefully, the viewer connects and feels it too.

 Art is my passion.  It is total freedom.  It is addictive.  And it is my way of communicating.



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